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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the cost of the service?

No charge. Its entirely free.

2. What security will my documents have?

Users cannot record screen-grab videos or screenshots, and they can only open a document if you unlock it for them. At at time you can also revoke their access to your document. The actual document file also has very strong encryption.

3. Will you ever discontinue your service? What happens if you do?

The service is permanent. It is used for hundreds of thousands of ebooks. We use it for our own ebooks. But if the service ever was discontinued, all ebooks automatically lock.

4. How does the ebook unlocking and authentication happen?

First your reader downloads your document. They must then send you a code that identifies their particular computer. You then enter it into the ebook unlocking software, and the ebook is then unlocked. A central server that we operate is used for the process. Your readers will need to be connected to the internet because each time the ebook is loaded, it contacts our server for permission. If the ebook software cannot contact the server, the ebook cannot be opened.

5. What software do I need to publish my own secure ebooks?

You only need a single program which is a self-executable file. You don't need to install anything. The video demo shows you how to use this software. It is extremely simple to use.

6. What kind of documents or material can I publish?

Basically any that can be seen in an Internet browser, including html documents, PDF documents, videos and more. For at least the index page of your ebook, you will need a html page named "index.html".

7. When I try to open an ebook, I get a message saying there is a security conflict. How can I fix this?

This means you have open some other software that is not allowed to be open while viewing the ebook. Such software includes screen recorders or imaging programs. It can also include html editors or other software that may in some way be a security risk for the ebook document. To open the ebook, you will need to close such software.

8. How do I protect a PDF file?

Follow below steps:

1. Create folder and put this index file in the folder (unzip it to get the index.html file). Then put your pdf document in the same folder.

2. Name your pdf document "doc.pdf". So the folder will have "index.html" and "doc.pdf" files.

Use the ebook creation software as per instructional video If you prefer though, just send us your pdf and we'll send the fully created protected document for you (it will not be kept by us). We'll send the protected PDF version back to you for use. It literally takes second to do.

9. Will it work on MACs and Linux computers?

No because such operating systems have serious security vulnerabilities. Proper protection is only possible with Windows. While this is not the ideal situation, keep in mind I had this software developed with my own ebooks in mind, and I put security above compatibility. So the software is best suited if you have the same priorities.

10. I noticed to run the ebook, I needed to have .NET microsoft installed. Do all readers need this?

Yes, it is essential for the security. It is just a free add-on that users need to download and install from Microsoft.

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About PDF Document Security and DRM (Digital Rights Management):

Software designers understand software piracy can cost them thousands, which is why they employ copy protection features. But Ebook protection is often neglected by ebook publishers. Most publishers rely on PDF password protection, without being aware PDF encryption with a simple password is very easily cracked. Typical ebook creation software addresses only design and visual appeal of an ebook or document, which is "after-sale" appeal that generally doesn't profit you. Cracked PDF documents be easily printed and copied, they can even be easily modified and re-sold. To properly lock and protect a document or any kind of content from theft, including screenshots, printing, or even opening on an unauthorized computer, much more is needed. Our software utilizes literally every possible security feature possible, to ensure your property and income is well protected, and that only the people you authorize to open your documents receive access.