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Download a Test Document to see how secure it is (demo.exe 488KB): The demo document is a self executable EXE file with a basic html document. You will NOT be able to take any screenshots or screen grabs, and you'll see how the watermark is over the document which is the registered reader's email address.

See the video below for instructions on how to create a secure ebook with the publisher tool:

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About PDF Document Security and DRM (Digital Rights Management):

Software designers understand software piracy can cost them thousands, which is why they employ copy protection features. But Ebook protection is often neglected by ebook publishers. Most publishers rely on PDF password protection, without being aware PDF encryption with a simple password is very easily cracked. Typical ebook creation software addresses only design and visual appeal of an ebook or document, which is "after-sale" appeal that generally doesn't profit you. Cracked PDF documents be easily printed and copied, they can even be easily modified and re-sold. To properly lock and protect a document or any kind of content from theft, including screenshots, printing, or even opening on an unauthorized computer, much more is needed. Our software utilizes literally every possible security feature possible, to ensure your property and income is well protected, and that only the people you authorize to open your documents receive access.