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Protecting secrets to beat roulette

The free document security project initially began because I needed to protect my own documents. These documents were mainly to do how to play roulette (see the beating casinos site at, and professional roulette strategies. I knew from the start that no document is 100% secure. After all, anyone can simply take a photograph of their computer screen. So the best policy will any secure documents is to never release them people you don't fully trust, and even then there is a risk. My genuine winner Roulette system as it secrets well protected because they are only in actual software, not any particular document. That doesn't mean I didn't want to protect my less secure documents. The various e-book protection software packages that I found were inadequate. The exception was another service that cost over $10,000, which I felt was completely unreasonable. So I simply had the own software created to make sure the job was done properly.

I did find some cheap software that cost about $30 per month for a subscription, but I found some major security loopholes. For example, when the network server was down, the e-book is opened without any security. This would mean any e-book site had locked, would now be unlocked. I'm not sure how they can make such a simplistic mistake.

Creating a free e-book software was not as easy as first thought, in particularly because there are various differences between operating systems. For instance, Windows Vista and Windows XP tend to have incompatibility issues, while Windows 7 tends to be a little bit better in that department. Our software will run on some Mac emulators, although it is likely to have some troubles. Ultimately it depends on the Mac emulator that your client is using.

Often if your e-book is circulating for free around Internet, you won't even know about it. After all, don't expect people to tell about your product for free. not even a multibillion-dollar corporations can protect their property when he easily distributed electronically. Yet such affordable software is able to at least limit illegal distribution.

Again no software will fully protect you from pirates, although our software is free and will do the same job as similar software that costs over $10,000. Your best policy for protection depends on your product. If it is software, it is easily hacked unless it is a resides on an actual server robust hacking protection. The perfect example is my roulette wheel analysis software. In my case, a bit of paranoia is good for business. I use the web domain interface that my clients see, but the actual programming behind it and all applications reside on a hidden server. The link between the front server and the analysis server is encrypted, so for a hacker to determine where the real server resides, they will have to break military grade encryption.

In cases where my clients must actually have the software on their home computer, it does not matter because that software is not sensitive. If it were, I simply would not release it. The exception to the rule is my roulette computer devices where a physical device to beat roulette (click here) is shipped. The hardware is a modified mobile phone, glued shut after the modifications. So if the phone is opened, it is broken. A skilled technician will be able to determine what modifications had been done, but would not be able to see the changes in the firmware they will have broken the memory chips. Even then, they would have to reverse engineer also source code for that particular phones firmware, and the software that is encoded to that unique phone. realistically, the protection is so robust that even a lab would be unlikely to succeed in copying anything of substance. The point of me telling you this is you can expect people to try and rip off your ideas or your products and resell them. Be prepared although if you only deal with e-books, you can download the solution from this website for free.

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About PDF Document Security and DRM (Digital Rights Management):

Software designers understand software piracy can cost them thousands, which is why they employ copy protection features. But Ebook protection is often neglected by ebook publishers. Most publishers rely on PDF password protection, without being aware PDF encryption with a simple password is very easily cracked. Typical ebook creation software addresses only design and visual appeal of an ebook or document, which is "after-sale" appeal that generally doesn't profit you. Cracked PDF documents be easily printed and copied, they can even be easily modified and re-sold. To properly lock and protect a document or any kind of content from theft, including screenshots, printing, or even opening on an unauthorized computer, much more is needed. Our software utilizes literally every possible security feature possible, to ensure your property and income is well protected, and that only the people you authorize to open your documents receive access.